Can I modify several crew members at once?

Yes, you can! Action in bulk is a really nice time saver when you need to add a bunch of new crew members, delete them or modify their status.

Add a new deal in bulk:

Imagine you have to hire 22 Location Labourers just for one day.

To make it really smart, you will create a new Crew member for each person, entering just their names and email addresses and sending them the data confirmation emails to have all the data neatly filed.

Once done, you filter the new labourers, mark the corresponding checkboxes and add a new deal to all of them at once, using the Edit select button!



Change status in bulk:

Now, imagine that you received 60 signed crew contracts from the base camp, halleluiah! You can select all the crew members with, for example, “DM ready” status and change it to “Complete”. Fear not, if a person has several deals, only the chosen status will change to avoid accidental changes. 

Be aware that if you have activated the approval tool, the User set as "Approver" will receive notification emails each time the status is changed to Proposed or DM Ready.