How to customise user permissions?

User permissions define the freedom or the constraints of each user to view and edit information. We know how important that may be in your project and we want to help you to be as accurate as you need with this. 

If you want to customise any user permissions in any of the possible ways, drop us a line at and we will be happy to help you.

Check the ways in which you can customise user permissions:

1. Modify existing user permissions

You can upgrade or downgrade some user permissions without changing the user type assigned.

Some of the most common cases to modify a user’s permissions are: 

- You need a HOD to have access to export confidential lists 

- You want a Standard User to be able to edit the Digital Signature Preferences 

- The Payroll User asks for access to edit the output templates

To give an answer to these and other needs, we can modify the permissions available in the user permissions tables as you desire.

We will change the checks green, white or red depending on the access you want to define to each user.

2. Create new user permissions

Let’s say you need a user type with a specific combination of user permissions that is not on the list, and that will be applicable to one or various of your project users.

You can assign the permissions you want and give it the name you choose.

As an example, you may want to include in your team a HOD- or a HOD+ User, a "Super Payroll" User or a Restricted+ User. What does that mean? In the last case, i.e., it means that will be a Restricted User with consulting access to the Personal Information tab and the Attachments of Crew and Cast.

Table with an example of a HOD+ User.