Getting started with willco

Welcome in Willco!

Here you have the first simple steps to start with!

How can I invite a new user

Bearing in mind that any Willco User in your project will be a part of your team, every user must be already in willco as a Crew member or a Company staff.

If the new User is not there yet, we will start with adding a new Crew member, using the New button from the Credit Roll section. At this point, the name and an email address will be just enough.


Then, you'll simply go to Users Setting to invite a new User. You have to settle here the permissions level as well. To keep the information safe you'll decide whether the newcomer is Admin, Standard, Payroll, Restricted, AD or HOD user. 



Set the basic information of your project.

Project settings is the place to establish the essential information of your project. Details that will appear on the documents issued with your willco, including your favourite colour! 

Project name & Acronym

The project name and the acronym can be changed here whenever you need it

Production companies

Pick here the production company or companies in charge of your show. Again, as this is the most important company in your project, it certainly should be added in willco. So, you go first to Companies section in Credit Roll and use the button New to enter the details of your production company. 

DM signatories 

Here you will select the person in charge of the crew hiring, usually your UPM or one of the producers. These names (up to 2 allowed) will appear on all your Deal Memos.

Data confirmation webform settings

As you already know, your crew members can fill in or confirm their personal details in willco through an online form. 

Here you can edit the message they will receive. Check the list of the fields that can be used and edit the email message to your liking. We suggest you describe here clearly what you need to receive from your team and collaborating companies and the documents they should attach to the form. 

Also, it is a great occasion to comply with the GDPR regulation, adding the data protection disclaimer. 

In the web form header message, you can customize the message that will be displayed as a header of the online questionnaire. Ho ahead and make it special!