How to create a production diary

Willco gives you a handy tool to create a complete and customisable Production Diary of your production.

You can enter all the pre-production, shooting and post-production activities in the Events section and create a production diary, accordingly to your needs.

We know you're quite a busy bee, so the events' list will be extremely extensive, that's why we give you a few tools to keep it tidy.

You have a number of categories to classify the events, from script reading, recces, castings, fittings and rehearsals, meetings, thought shooting days to location’s strikes and post-production tasks, you can organise here all the affairs of your project.

You can assign each event to a specific Department which will give the chance to issue a specific calendar for each department if required. You can do the same with the Units. 

Once entered in willco, the events can be filtered by dates, departments, locations, attendees, units, categories and status to adjust the calendar to your necessities in each moment.

The Status label will allow you to identify the confirmed events, the ones still to be confirmed and those that are only pencilled, as you may not want to share the unconfirmed events with all the crew.