How to manage the digital signature in Willco

REVISAR: Paperless workflows are the order of the day in a production company. That’s why Willco is a key tool for you to digitally sign any legal paperwork, easy and quick. The main signatories can do it from any device and, most important, from any place they are, saving paper, time and logistics.

Start by going to the distribution section

On the Signatures tab, you will find the list of signatures. Don't worry if it's empty, you'll start generating signatures in a snap of a finger. If your project has not this section active yet, you can write to and we will activate the feature on your project.

Add a new signature

To start the signature process, click on the "New" button. This will open the following modal window:

As you can see, the modal has three sections:

  • The main signatory selection
  • The additional signatory
  • The documents selection
  • The dates selection

Choose main signatories

You can select the signatories between the categories: Cast, Crew and Providers and also filter inside each category by name or position description.

If you want to be sure to whom are you sending the signature petition, check the "Show selected only" box on the right. Remember to clear first any text filter you have applied.

Add extra signatory

You may need to add an extra signatory, e.g. an agent or co-writer. Worry not, you can add an additional signatory by choosing any person from the Cast, Crew or Companies section. Later on you will see that in the Cast section, you may add up to 4 additional signatories.

Select the legal paperwork you want to be digitally signed

Once you selected Who, select now What to send.

You have three kinds of documents that you can send to the main signatories:

  • Legal paperwork template: here you will find all the templates you have previously customised in Microsoft Word and uploaded to your project’s settings. These are documents like Contracts, the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and others.
  • Signature template: this is exclusively for the IRPF model 145. This is the only legal paperwork where the signatory does have to manually fill some fields, as the law requires.
  • Upload: this option is for any further document not taken into account in the two previous options. We know that sometimes you need to customise the documents you send, for instance, the cast contracts. For that case, we allow you to upload the documents from your computer but take into consideration that you can't use merge fields on those files, they need to contain all the information for a valid signature.

Production Company Signatory and other Extra Signatories

See that box next to the documents selector? Don't forget to check it if your document has to be signed by the production company signatory.

This box will be disabled when the chosen document is the Signature template (145 IRPF model) because this is not a customisable template and it will be sent by default to the production company signatory.

Besides the production company signatory, there are another two extra signatories, only suitable for cast deals. You can choose a legal tutor or an agent as subjects that will receive the signatory petition.

Filter your deals

Why is this filter at the end of this process? The reason is that many of the crew and cast members have multiple deals on different dates and you will probably want to choose only one of them, right?

With this filter you can narrow down the deals that will generate the legal paperwork to sign. You can choose between starting date, ending date or working date range filters.

PRO TIP: This filter works exactly like the filter on credit roll, so if you want to preview the deals affected, you can filter by date and export the legal paperwork on the credit roll and ensure this way you are selecting the proper lapse of time.


Click the Preview button to look over your selections. If there is something that needs a second look, you may find these three different warnings in the Preview page:

Yellow warning when... One or more members have multiple deals in the dates you specified. As Willco will generate one legal paperwork per deal, you may be sending multiple contracts or other documents to the same crew member, and while this may be your intention, we wanted to warn you before sending them.

Red warning when... One or more members don't have a deal in the date range. This means that no document will be generated, so no signature request will be sent.

Blue warning when... We will display this message as a heads up because the company signatory hasn't been selected on any document. This may be what you did want to happen, for example in legal paperwork like the NDA. In this case, disregard the warning. But in case you forgot to add the company signatory during the process, you will need to go back and select it.

Need to go back and correct some issues?

You can do so by clicking the "Edit" button. Don't worry, there's no shame on editing as many times as you need.


You are ready to send the documents now.

When you press the Send button, Willco will send all the selected legal documents to HelloSign, a third-party platform that guarantees a legally binding electronic signature.

Once HelloSign processes the documents, we will send an email to the main signatory (the crew member, cast member or provider), with a link to make effective the digital signature of the legal paperwork.

PRO TIP: You can customise this email in the Project Settings, as well as the signature page header, entering the Digital Signature tab.

Back to the Signatures page

Once you have sent the documents, the modal window will close and you will see again the Signatures page with the signature petitions you just generated. The status of each signature petition will be updated in the background, so if you want to see the latest status, reload the page.

The signature of the production company signatory

If you are the main signatory of the production company, you will be dealing with multiple signatures every day or week. That’s why Willco won’t send you an automatic email for every new signature petition. We don’t want to fill your Inbox with this.

In order to sign a new signatory petition, you must open the Sign button. This will lead you to the legal paperwork pendant of signature where you can add your firm.

Confirmation email

When all the required signatories have signed, an email will be sent to the main signatory with the signed documents attached.


There they are: digitally signed, downloadable documents you can send, store or deliver to the interested people.

When the documents are ready, you can download them from the Signatures page but also from the Attachments tab of the cast and crew members. This way, you will be able to archive all the contracts and legal paperwork in one click.

If you want to download many or even all the contracts at once, choose the option: Download a backup ZIP from the OUTPUT menu.

Send your signature request straight from the Credit Roll page.

Sending signature requests directly from the Cast or Crew page may be extremely handy, as you may use the data or status filters to select the signatories.

Choosing the option: Send signature request from the OUTPUT menu will take you directly to the new sigature page.