How to create a legal paperwork template

Willco allows you to use the information you already have in your cast, crew and companies section, to insert it in your own word documents. This is extremely useful to create contracts, NDAs, or any other legal documents.

To do this, willco uses the mail merge feature of Word, which demands a little work of preparation, but after having it set up, you will generate documents as fast as lightning.

If you wish to create a new legal paperwork template in Microsoft Word, just follow these steps:


Locate the fields you want to update

It's a good idea to start highlighting the fields of the Cast or Crew member's details you want to automate:



Copy the first merge field code

Locate the merge field you want to update and copy its code.

In our case, we want to change the text Name for the code =name 


Insert a field

With the word "Name" selected, go to Insert > Field...



Select Category and Field name

In the Field window, you will need to select the category Mail Merge and the Field name MergeField:



Type the field name next to MERGEFIELD

Wait, don't close the window yet, you will need to type or paste the field name you just copied, next to the MERGEFIELD text (in our case =name):


Note: Remember to leave a space between MERGEFIELD and your field name.


And it's done!

After clicking the Ok button, you will see the selected text converted into a merge field:


Attention: We know it would be a lot easier to write «=name» directly, but Microsoft Word requires the field to be inserted through the dialogue window. Once you have a field inserted, you will be able to copy and paste it in the same document.


Repeat for each field

Now, you can repeat the last steps with the rest of the fields and remove the highlight colour:


The strange case of the period's fields

Period fields are special, as they can be multiple and need to be inserted in a special way.

This article explains how.


Upload the template to willco

With all the fields inserted in the document, you can upload the template in willco settings.

See how to do it here.


Available Word merge fields

You can use the following commands as merge fields in Microsoft Word:

=bank_account 69874123545
=bank_name UBS
=birth_date 21/9/1974
=birth_place United Kindom
=city Los Angeles
=country United Kingdom
=dependent_children 2
=full_name John Joseph Nicholson
=federal_number 12345678
=id_number 569871234
=loanout_corporation ABS
=marital_status Married
=name John Joseph
=nationality British
=passport_number 5872641
=phone_prefix +44
=phone_number 87654321
=screen_credit John J. Nicholson
=social_security_number 547474914
=state England
=street_address 38 Castledore Road
=surname Nicholson
=tax_requested 18
=year_of_birth 2001, 2003
=zipcode B60 3HE
=deal_start_date 12/05/1997
=deal_end_date 30/07/1997
=department Director and Producers
=position Director
=national_professional_category Ayudante de vestuario
=union DGA: Directors Guild of America
=rate 750 €
=rate_frequency Per sesion
=working_days 5 days
=working_hours 08:00
=turnaround 02:00
=overtime 200 €
=perdiems 350 €
=sixth_day 950 €
=seventh_day 950 €
=box_rental 350 €
=meal_reimbursement 90 €
=car_allowance 90 €
=mileage_reimbursement 50 €
=travel_suplement 150 €
=adjustments 270 €
=periods_string 12/05/1997 - 27/06/1997, 30/06/1997 - 30/07/1997
=period.start_date 12/05/1997
=period.end_date 27/06/1997
=bank_account 236478912456
=bank_name UBS
=birth_date 11/5/1969
=birth_place Spain
=city Los Angeles
=country United States of America
=dependent_children 1
=full_name Antonio Banderas
=federal_number 12345678
=id_number 25791264
=loanout_corporation ABS
=marital_status Single
=name Antonio
=nationality American
=passport_number 7582947
=phone_prefix +1
=phone_number 12345678
=screen_credit Antonio Banderas
=social_security_number 547474914
=state California
=street_address 2938 Caynor Circle
=surname Banderas
=tax_requested 20
=year_of_birth 1999
=zipcode 08876
=deal_start_date 12/05/1997
=deal_end_date 30/07/1997
=character_number 1
=character_name El Mariachi
=union SAG: Screen Actors Guild
=agent_name Emmanuel
=agent_surname Nunez
=agent_position Agent
=agent_id_type National ID
=agent_id_number 123456789
=agent_nationality American
=agency_service Talent services
=agency_vat_number 123456789
=agency_street_address 360 North Crescent Drive
=agency_city Beverly Hills
=agency_state California
=agency_zipcode 90210
=agency_country United States of America
=rate 800 €
=rate_frequency Per sesion
=working_days 5 days
=working_hours 08:00
=turnaround 02:00
=overtime 350 €
=perdiems 250 €
=sixth_day 900 €
=seventh_day 900 €
=adjustments 150 €
=periods_string General period - 12/05/1997 - 27/06/1997 - 30
=period.period_type General period
=period.start_date 12/05/1997
=period.end_date 27/06/1997
=period.guaranteed_days 30