What types of user permissions are there

As in many other apps, in Willco you can choose several types of users according to the tasks and responsibilities each team member has in the project. We are very much concerned with the need of security in the access and exchange of information of the Crew and Cast members, that’s why we have defined different levels of user permissions to allow both safe and fluent workflows.

Manage Users

All Users are listed by Name, Position, Type and Status in the Users Tab, inside the Project Settings.

In the User Type selector, you can define what kind of user type is assigned to each team member, selecting among some established user types.

Do you want to know what can or can’t do any of the listed user types? Click on the link: Details of each user type permissions and a comparison table will show.

Basic Table of User Permissions:

User types and their permissions 

Admin User 

The Admin User is the main Willco figure in a project, with access to everything, including the Project Settings. This user is able to create new users and define their permissions.

There can be more than one Admin Users, depending on the needs of your project.

Standard User

The Standard User is also a team member with a huge range of permissions, able to interact with all departments.

The permissions of this user are similar to the Admin User, but there are some main differences:

  • The Standard User user can’t add new users to the project.
  • He or she can neither edit the Project Settings, including the Digital Signature Settings. 
  • The Standard user won’t be able to export Suppliers lists or view and edit Companies subsection.

HOD User

We created HOD User to encourage teamwork but still keeping the personal data safe in Willco.

HOD Users have standard, unrestricted access to the information stored in Willco, but only within their own departments.

The assignation of the unrestricted departments is customisable. When the Admin User creates or invites a HOD User, one or several departments can be assigned to the HOD User. 

Art Department Coordinator is a good example of a HOD user with permissions in more than one department, being able to view and edit all the details of Art, Property, Set Dec and Construction departments.

HOD Users will not be able to export legal paperwork for companies.

Payroll User

We create the Payroll User to cover the communication workflow with the payroll company. This user will only be able to see and edit the details of the Cast and Crew members, internally hired. Let's say that your project is a co-production or a production service: you may restrict the access to the details of any externally hired personnel. 

Payroll user will not be able to access the locations, events or suppliers sections.

Restricted User

This type of user is very handy when you are not yet sure of what type of user would be a team member. Besides that, the Restricted User is intended for those users that need to perform few operations in Willco and only need to consult general information of Cast and Crew, free of private data. 

HOD+ and Restricted+ Users

These users have an additional privilege over the "plusless" users: They can view and edit the Personal Information tab of the cast and crew members. However, they cannot access the Agreement Details tab.

Forms User

This user has restricted access, cannot view the personal or deal details of any Cast or Crew, but with an additional privilege to access the Forms section.


This user is meant for Assistant Directors, being able to access the personal information of the Cast and Crew Members, the Calendars, Locations, and the Distribution section. Note that AD users will only be able to access the folders to which they have been specifically invited.

Do you need a user permission that is not on the list?

Now you can customise user permissions or create new ones that best fit your project.

Learn more about how to customise user permissions