Willco glossary

Check out the glossary to get familiar with our terminology and learn a bit about willco features.

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The dashboard is the first screen you will see on willco, it's your command centre. There are multiple sections ordered by the urgency that will help you decide what's the next task to do (or help you see where is the process blocked).

Learn more about the dashboard here.

CREDIT ROLL                                                                              

Credit Roll is the name of the game. It is one of willco's focal points, a section that includes all CAST, CREW and COMPANIES involved in your project.

Setting up each cast, crew and supplier's information in Credit Roll once, will make it available for multiple pre-set and tailor-made outputs, such as lists, deal memos, contracts, and much more.

Personal information tab

Personal details of each cast or crew member, including contact information, personal identification, even food or flying preferences.  These details may be entered either by application users or by each crew member themselves, using an online data confirmation form.

Deal details tab

Professional details of the crew or cast members that outline the conditions of the hire, including their department, position or character, working period and all the compensation details.

Attachments tab

Any personal documents required in your project, such as ID card, passport, driving license, that can be uploaded by the users or by the crew/cast members themselves.

Supporting staff tab

Agents' and managers' information. As these professionals can negotiate and sign your actors' contracts, a signatory person for such purpose may be assigned here.


Search filters that help you narrow down loads of contents of your project. You can combine willco filters and use multiple selections to find the specific result you're looking for.

Text filter

A basic search by name, surname, ID number, phone number, email address or comments.

Deal status

This multiple choice filter will help you to identify the Cast or Crew members with a specific deal status in your project, such as:

  • Pencilled - a person suggested for the job
  • Proposed - a person officially proposed for the job, but not confirmed yet
  • Declined - a person that has not been approved for the job
  • Approved - a person officially approved by the Producer or UPM, meaning that from now on the contract may be issued and signed.
  • DM ready - Deal Memo complete, ready for the UPM's or Producer's approval
  • DM declined - Deal Memo rejected by the UPM or Producer
  • DM signed - Deal Memo approved by the UPM or Producer
  • Confirmed by payroll company - Contract details sent to the payroll company
  • Contract signed - legal paperwork signed by the employee
  • Finished - contract finished, but still some end paperwork missing
  • Complete - contract and end paperwork signed, all settled.

You can combine different status to search for more refined results.

Payroll status

This filter will help you to find out the payroll company's formalities status of your Cast or Crew members:

  • Payroll company pending - a person not confirmed by the payroll
  • Confirmed by payroll company - a person processed by the payroll company
  • Finished - a person who has been already taken off the payroll


Search by department or position, also allowing multiple selections.

Deal dates

Search by working dates, allowing the user to filter by specific day or periods.

Contracting party

Search that allows filtering by the internally hired crew or the crew hired by a third party. This filter also allows to identify individuals with the employment contracts or invoicing services through a corporation.

End dates TBC

This filter allows you to identify Cast & Crew members whose ending dates have yet to be reviewed and confirmed.

Working Group

The application allows you to organise your crew into "working groups" such as "shooting crew", for exapmle. With this filter, you may identify each group.

Search example

Imagine that you need to see what crew members are starting in the project within the next few days, to make sure you have all the information to prepare their contracts. To get a list of these people you can combine the following filters: Deal Dates filter: choose "starting tomorrow" or starting on a specific future date, Status filter: Approved, DM ready, DM signed


Crew lists 

Willco provides you with a selection of pre-designed crew lists in pdf format. The application includes a list of the most commonly used film positions, broken down by departments. As we're aware that the order is really important and that there are no strict rules, we allow the user to reorganise the crew list. The lists may be re-arranged in Settings to adjust them to the hierarchy of each project.

The Crew List may be issued for all the members of a project, regardless of their status. Alternatively, the individuals may be filtered by a specific status or working dates, which will generate a list of hired crew members working on a given date or period.

Complete crew list 

The most detailed of the predesigned list. It includes the contact information of all the crew members, their addresses, emails and personal mobile numbers. The Confidential version of this list will include as well the above-the-line members' details.

One-line crew list

Short contact list of crew members' phones and emails. It will include the ATL individuals if you choose the Confidential options.

Custom list

Tailor-made excel chart used for the more in-depth purposes. It allows the user to choose the details to be exported to an excel file and be used elsewhere or imported into other software.

Cast list

Pre-design Cast List is a document containing names and characters, production mobiles and agent/manager contact information, that may be commonly distributed to ADs, Make up, Costume, and other departments.

Confidential cast list

Confidential Cast List is a sensitive document containing full contact information of all Cast members of the project and the film characters assignation.

One-line cast list 

It is a short list of non-confidential contact info of the Cast members, including personal emails and production mobiles numbers. Be aware that its Confidential version contains all personal information of the Cast members, so its distribution must be restricted.

Cast status list

Information about Cast agreements' status and conditions, including perks but excluding confidential compensation details.

Suppliers list

List of all the suppliers in alphabetical order and organised by categories of service or goods supplied.

Deal memo

Short form of pre-designed agreement for a specific deal of each crew or cast member, that outlines the conditions and the duration of the hire, the compensation, and other important factors such as overtime, meals, time off, box rental, etc...

The Deal Memo's signatories should be defined in Settings.

Deal Memo may include multiple work periods if the compensation conditions don't change. Each crew member may have various DMs if any of basic stipulations of employment vary.

Legal paperwork

Making a movie requires loads of paperwork. Thankfully willco may produce all kind of letters, contracts and agreements. You may upload your own templates in the Setting section to be filled in with the details of any Cast or Crew Member.

Sync external calendar

This feature in Credit Roll allows you to synchronize start and end dates with any external calendar application you use (whether it's Google, Apple or Outlook app). You can also send the synchronization link to your team and share with them your willco calendars. Also available in the Events section.

Download a backup ZIP

This tool allows you to export all the documents saved in the Attachment section of all the Cast & Crew Members, creating a separate folder for each member containing all the files. Additionally, an Excell database is exported with all the details of the selected members.


Data confirmation form

A simple online form that the user may send to any future cast or crew member with a request to fill it in with the personal details. The great advantage of this feature is not only saving time or avoiding mistakes but especially complying with Data Protection principles.

Since Willco has a strong commitment to privacy and security requirements we pay a great attention to this feature.

The user can configure the data request email so any person entering his or her personal details in willco accepts Data Protection disclaimer, agreeing on the use of these data in the production. 

STAR.jpg Above the Line

This feature protects the sensitive details of the most VIP Cast and Crew members. Individuals marked as ATL will get a higher level of protection of their contact information. Their addresses and private telephone numbers will be restricted to confidential lists and authorised users.  


We set up different permission levels to allow your team to work in unison while keeping the information safe. 


The most privileged user, allowed to invite and manage other users and their permissions as well as to define the project's settings.

Standard User

A user with full privilege to edit and see all the information of the project, all personal and compensation details of any cast and crew members, including the ATL ones.

Restricted User

A limited permissions user, whose access is restricted to non-confidential info, protecting the most sensitive information. Thus, the restricted user will not be able to see or edit any member's contractual information or the contact details of the ATL individuals. Furthermore, this kind of user will not be allowed to issue Deal Memos, any Confidential List or Legal Paperwork.

HOD User

A user with full privilege to edit and see all the information, including the contact details, of crew members from chosen departments. This user has restricted access to all remaining departments.

Forms User

This is a Restricted user with access to the Forms section.

ADs User

This is a Restricted user with access to the Cast personal details, selected folder of the Distribution section and Events.


  • ATL (Above the line)
  • DM (Deal Memo)
  • TBC (To be confirmed)
  • UPM (Unit Production Manager)