Can I synchronize my personal calendars with Willco?

You can sync your willco events with your personal schedules in Google, Apple or Outlook calendar.

To sync your entire calendar, simply select the Sync option from the Outputs button.

What if you don’t need to sync all your events?

Just filter the events by categories, dates, location, attendees, department or status and select the events that you want to see in your personal calendar.

Thus, you can exclude the pencilled events or chose just one week or a single day to be synchronized.

You can share the events of a specific Cast or Crew member, for example, create a calendar link for all the events that involve the Producers and share it with them! It will be updated with all the new events. Just remember to settle the actualization preferences in your Google or Apple calendar to be synced automatically. 

Along with the events, you can sync the crew or cast members' start and end dates or DOODs.

Just select the sync option at the Credit Roll section. Again, you can filter the results to synchronize only the elements that you wish.